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At first glance, human capital sounds very factual and more like a pure resource than the most important thing that defines your company: your employees. No matter how innovative your products or services are, you cannot be successful in the market without motivated and committed employees.

Perhaps you have already had the experience in your professional life that a new employee left the company after a short time. The reasons for this can be varied and sometimes they cannot be influenced. However, there are also causes that could have been identified during the recruiting process. Often you just have wrong ideas about each other. Since every hiring - and also every non-hiring - costs a lot of time and money, it is all the more disappointing when the new staff moves on after a short time.

But that need not be. With targeted recruiting, exactly the right employees can be found for you at exactly the right time. Among other things, an optimal preselection can significantly improve important indicators such as time to hire or cost per hire. Let us help you achieve your desired goals!

Our services for you

We support you as a reliable partner in the optimal filling of vacancies. We take over the recruiting process either partially or completely according to your ideas. We are also happy to work in cooperation with your HR department and support them.

Our services include:

  • Assistance in placing ads
  • Contact with authorities and service providers (employment agency, temporary employment agencies, personnel service providers, etc.)
  • Writing confirmations of receipt / rejections
  • Preselection of application documents
  • Arranging and coordinating appointments (interviews, internships)
  • Support in conducting job interviews
  • Support with the onboarding process
  • Overall coordination and implementation of the recruitment and selection of applicants


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