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There are many different tasks that arise in every company: Starting with the hiring of new employees to their support and billing up to - if necessary - separation if the professional paths change.

In addition, the employees must be billed correctly on a monthly basis in accordance with tax and social security law and all reports must be made to third parties (tax office, health insurance company, etc.). The legal framework and changes to it must be kept in mind.

The list of tasks goes on and on. Reliable and flexible human resource management is not developed overnight. You need a lot of experience, knowledge and accuracy to meet the requirements of modern HR work.

This is exactly where we come in - we offer you all the advantages and services of a tried and tested HR department, as a reliable, external partner.


Your advantages with PERSONAL PARTNER

  • If HR work in your company is currently more of a "sideline", but you would like to improve the HR-related processes, then we are the alternative for an internal solution.
  • We are your contact for all questions relating to human resource management.
  • You can concentrate on your market and your customers - we take over the personnel work exactly according to your ideas and wishes.
  • Enjoy our service - regardless of vacation or illness, we are always there for you.
  • With us you are always up to date on legal innovations.
  • Benefit from our experience from over 30 years of successful human resource management for well-known national and international customers.


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